[RNLD] Question re Lexique Pro

Jeff Siegel jsiegel2 at UNE.EDU.AU
Sun Sep 29 06:26:43 UTC 2013


I'm trying to use Lexique Pro to print a dictionary from SIL Fieldworks (FLEx). In FLEx, I have a separate folder of photos within the Pictures folder within the Linked Files folder. The photos in this folder appear in the entries in FLEx, and the folder is exported along with the other photos in Pictures using Full Lexicon LIFT 013 XML. But when I open the LIFT file in Lexique Pro,  the photos in the folder are not attached to the entries. (Only the photos in the Pictures folder itself appear.) Does anyone know of a way I can get Lexique Pro to recognise the photos in the folder? (I have written to the FLEx list about this, but got no replies, and also written to Lexique Pro support, but they are no longer answering queries because of work commitments.)

Alternatively, does anyone know of another program I could use to convert a FLEx dictionary to a Word document?


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