[RNLD] Technical problem: old recordings not playing through

salome harris s_lome at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 19 03:20:23 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I wonder if any of you have any experience or expertise in solving this problem:

I have some recordings that I digitised from 40 year old cassettes, that for some reason when copied to my phone or a memory stick, are not playing properly through various speakers I have. The sound comes out crackly and unrecognisable as speech.

They will play through a bluetooth connected speaker from my laptop, so I suspect it is related to transferring the recordings to another device. Also, better quality recordings of the same era do work with those devices.

I have tried both .wav and .mp3 versions of the files, and this makes no difference to the problem.

Strangely, the problem recordings do work through my phone using headphones, just not through the internal phone speaker, a blue tooth speaker connected to the phone, nor through a memory stick plugged into a speaker.

(Note to Nick Thieberger - these are recordings I digitised myself, not the recordings digitised by Paradisec)

I'd be grateful for any suggestions. I'm trying to improve portability since I'm in the field and trying to play old recordings to groups of listeners, and can't always carry my laptop with me.

Many thanks,

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