[RNLD] Technical problem: old recordings not playing through

Paul Trilsbeek Paul.Trilsbeek at MPI.NL
Thu Mar 20 09:12:45 UTC 2014

Hi Salome,

> Paul do you mean that an incorrectly soldered wire in the original recording device most likely caused this? Just curious. I'm very grateful to have this problem fixed.

In theory it could be either the wire that was used for the input into the recording device when the recording was made (such that the recordings are actually out of phase on the tape), or the wire that was used between the recorder and the computer when the recordings were digitised, but given that not all of your files had the same issue I’m guessing the former was the case. An incorrectly soldered wire inside the recorder itself is unlikely, unless it was repaired by someone who didn’t know a great deal about it.

Glad it solved the problem.



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