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Dear members,

This has been another very busy and extremely successful year for the DRIL
Training Program. Through this year, 194 people took part in 40 DRIL
training workshops that we ran in 20 training locations across all states
and territories. 50 Aboriginal languages are being supported by the people
who took part in these workshops. We also ran two intensive professional
development workshops with fourteen Indigenous language activists in
January and November. These workshops strengthened the participants'
language documentation and revitalisation skills, and built their capacity
to become trainers and share their skills with other people in their
families, communities and workplaces.

We have already planned a busy training schedule for the first half of 2015
and we are hoping to bring the Professional Development trainees back
together mid-year for an intensive follow-up workshop to develop their
skills further.

Through the year, our membership base has also grown substantially. Along
with the 142 formal members of RNLD, we now have 2135 Facebook
followers and 935
followers of our Twitter feed. We are very grateful to all of the support
and encouragement that our followers give us. Just this past week, we were
thrilled by the support that The Ling Space gave us when they sponsored
RNLD in Project for Awesome 2014. On Wednesday night, the University of
Melbourne Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Postgraduate Club held a
fundraising Linguistic Trivia night, the proceeds of which have been
donated to RNLD to allow us to buy a Zoom H1 recorder and accessory set for
a Community Language Worker.

We are also very excited to be finishing the year with the news that we
have been offered additional funding from our ILS Funding Agency to run
further professional development workshops in 2015. With this funding, we
hope we will also be able to begin training with some of the groups on our
waiting list.

RNLD is now closing for two weeks so that we can relax and re-energise for
the year ahead. We wish you all a very happy and peaceful festive season,
and we look forward to continuing our work with you all in the new year.

warm regards,
Margaret and all the RNLD staff

Dr Margaret Florey
DRIL Director
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity

ph: +61 (03) 9041-5474 (office)
mob: 0488 086 031
skype: RNLDorg
Suite 1107, 530 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

ABN 24 215 634 040
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