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Subject: [RNLD] Last reminder: PhD position in Language Contact (University
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 Applications are now being sought for a PhD position in the Australian
Research Council (ARC) Discovery project *Trilingual language contact in an
Indigenous community* (Chief Investigators: Felicity Meakins and Rob
Pensalfini). This project is the first investigation of a trilingual
Indigenous community, Elliott (NT), where children grow up hearing Jingulu,
Mudburra and Kriol. It examines how people at Elliott manage multiple
languages and how these languages have changed through mixing processes
such as creolisation and code-switching. The project is funded for the
period early-2015 to early-2018

The PhD position will be located at the University of Queensland, and
situated within the Linguistics program in the School of Languages and
Comparative Cultural Studies (http://www.slccs.uq.edu.au//?page=124851).
The PhD student will be a member of the project team consisting of Meakins,
Pensalfini and one other PhD student. The PhD project will be a study of
language contact between Barkly Kriol, Mudburra and Jingulu. The PhD
student will be expected to undertake substantial fieldwork in Elliott in
the Northern Territory, and will also have to opportunity to participate in
the compilation of a Mudburra dictionary and an ethnobiology.

 The PhD student will also be able participate in other training and
research activities associated with the newly-funded Centre of Excellence
in the Dynamics of Language.

PhD applicants will need to successfully apply for an Australian
Postgraduate Award (or other suitable scholarship e.g. UQ Research
Scholarship), but will receive generous fieldwork funding, equipment and
conference travel funds.

Interested applicants should contact Felicity Meakins (f.meakins at uq.edu.au
<racheln at unimelb.edu.au>) for further details, and provide the following:

1. CV with educational qualifications, any publications and other relevant
experience (e.g. fieldwork, relevant internships)

2. Transcript of prior undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees (must have *at
least* 80% average to be competitive)

3. If relevant, other materials supporting your case (e.g. relevant
articles or other materials)

*Deadline: 1 January 2015*

Approved applicants will then make a formal application for enrolment and
scholarship through the regular University of Queensland system, by 14
January 2014.

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