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My favourite way is to brainstorm texts around particular topics, including
vernacular definitions, in small groups. It's a good way to generate
discussion of lexical concepts and how terms might be used.

Hugh Paterson wrote:

> Becky Paterson has a presentation next week in Hawaii about gamification
> applied to Rapid words methodologies.
> - Hugh
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 9:07 PM, Peter Austin <pa2 at soas.ac.uk <mailto:
> pa2 at soas.ac.uk>> wrote:
>     WeSay is a nice implementation of Moe's method that can be used by
>     literate native speakers -- it also enables audio recording of
>     words and example sentences.
>     Monolingual defining was a method much favoured by the late Ken
>     Hale as a way to generate more vocabulary and has been used by
>     successfully by several people I know.
>     Peter
>     On 20 February 2015 at 12:08, Nick Thieberger
>     <thien at unimelb.edu.au <mailto:thien at unimelb.edu.au>> wrote:
>         Hi RNLD list,
>         I'm going to be working with speakers to add words to an
>         existing dictionary of some 2,800 headwords. I'd be interested
>         to hear of methods for finding new words that are not in the
>         dictionary that you may have found useful. I know about Rapid
>         Words collection (http://www.rapidwords.net/) and Ron Moe's
>         Dictionary Development Process.
>         I'd also like to generate a list of all possible words given
>         the phonotactics and phonemic inventory, does anyone know of
>         any existing systems for doing that?
>         I'l summarise responses if you want to write to me off-list.
>         Thanks,
>         Nick
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