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 I have used monolingual defining, but another similar method I have used
is to ask a speaker to make up a sentence using a given word.  I have been
surprised that these sentences sometimes reveal new vocabulary at a faster
rate than texts, and often vocabulary that one might not expect to find in
texts.  It does depend on the speaker, however.  Some speakers only come up
with very simple sentences.


On 2/20/15 12:39 AM, Hugh Paterson wrote:

Becky Paterson has a presentation next week in Hawaii about gamification
applied to Rapid words methodologies.

 - Hugh

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 9:07 PM, Peter Austin <pa2 at soas.ac.uk> wrote:

> WeSay is a nice implementation of Moe's method that can be used by
> literate native speakers -- it also enables audio recording of words and
> example sentences.
>  Monolingual defining was a method much favoured by the late Ken Hale as
> a way to generate more vocabulary and has been used by successfully by
> several people I know.
>  Peter
> On 20 February 2015 at 12:08, Nick Thieberger <thien at unimelb.edu.au>
> wrote:
>> Hi RNLD list,
>>  I'm going to be working with speakers to add words to an existing
>> dictionary of some 2,800 headwords. I'd be interested to hear of methods
>> for finding new words that are not in the dictionary that you may have
>> found useful. I know about Rapid Words collection (
>> http://www.rapidwords.net/) and Ron Moe's Dictionary Development
>> Process.
>>  I'd also like to generate a list of all possible words given the
>> phonotactics and phonemic inventory, does anyone know of any existing
>> systems for doing that?
>>  I'l summarise responses if you want to write to me off-list.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Nick
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