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Margaret Florey mflorey at rnld.org
Tue Jul 11 21:26:55 EDT 2017

Dear RNLDers,

It's time to say goodbye! This is the final day of work for me at RNLD as
I'm about to commence my retirement.

It has been a great privilege to have worked with RNLD for the past nine
years since I was first awarded Federal Government funding in 2009 to
develop the Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages (DRIL)
training program. It was a long-held dream to create a training model
and program
that could support the wishes of Aboriginal and Islander people to develop
and control all aspects of their own language programs themselves. It has
been exciting and extremely rewarding to bring this dream to fruition and
to see the DRIL program flourish in such a short time.

Up to this point, we have run 130 Flexible DRIL workshops, trained over 600
Indigenous people from all Australian states and territories, and supported
147 separate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. We have also
developed and piloted our nationally accredited Certificate II in
Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program and Certificate III in
Aboriginal Languages for Communities and Workplaces, and delivered six
Professional Development workshops.

I am proud to be leaving RNLD in a strong position with a great team of
trainers and office staff. RNLD will continue to serve Indigenous
communities across Australia and to reach out internationally to people who
are keenly involved in language revitalisation activities, while also
growing and developing in new directions.

Such achievements can only occur with the support of many other people. In
parting, my heartfelt thanks go foremost to all of the language warriors
around Australia who have taken part in our training workshops. You have
not only placed your trust in us but have also shared your knowledge with
us and have been central to the development of our training model and our
programs. I am very grateful to our energetic staff (both present and past)
who bring passion and skills to all of our activities, the ILA funding
program, partner organisations, and all of you in Australia and
internationally who connect with us and contribute to RNLD's mission.

Every moment has brought me joy!

best wishes,


Dr Margaret Florey
RNLD founder and DRIL Director
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity

I am usually available in the office Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays except
when I am travelling to deliver DRIL training workshops

*Contact details*

ph: +61 (03) 9077-9500 <%2803%29%209077%209500> (office)
mob: 0488 086 031
skype: RNLDorg

*Postal address*
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity
Box 9
19-21 Argyle Place South
Carlton, Victoria 3053

*Street address*
Suite 3, Level 1
19-21 Argyle Place South
Carlton, Victoria 3053

ABN 24 215 634 040

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I pay my respects and acknowledgments to all Traditional Custodians on
whose land I live, work and travel through
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