[RNLD] Git for file managment.

Hugh Paterson hugh_paterson at sil.org
Tue Jul 25 13:10:52 EDT 2017

Has anyone used git to manage files while doing language documentation?
Perhaps using git's LFS feature. We have a lot of files moving across a
network of computers as we acomplish various tasks in various workflows.
It would be helpful to manage diffs on these files. Annotated tiers in .eaf
files, praat text grids, etc. Has anyone any pointers on this? Did they use
one large repo or divide the project into several repos - perhaps based on
recording sessions. Or has anyone used the git module/ tree feature? One
advantage of git is the git blame, another is the rollback feature. I am
hoping to use the git diff feature to check for updated sections of files.

all the best,
- Hugh Paterson III
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