[RNLD] Announcement: MLIP – “Are Australia’s Community Languages worth studying?"- TUESDAY 13th June 2017

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*Melbourne Linguistics in the Pub – **Tuesday 13th June 2017*

*Are Australia’s Community Languages worth studying?*
*Discussion led by James Walker, Professor of Linguistic Diversity, La
Trobe University*

>From my outsider perspective, it seems that linguistics in Australia is
mainly focused on describing and documenting the languages of Indigenous
Australians, with a secondary focus on the languages of Papua New Guinea,
the South Pacific and southeast Asia. While there is a relatively small but
growing body of work on Australian English, little attention has been paid
to the maintenance of and variation in the Community Languages (CLs)
brought to Australia through immigration by non-English-speaking settlers (with
the notable exception of Michael Clyne’s work). Has there been an ideology
of linguistic assimilation such that CLs do not long survive in Australia?
Is the focus on Indigenous languages seen as a zero-sum game that makes
studying other languages in Australia not worthwhile or valuable?

*Date*:      Tuesday 13th June 2017 [NOTE: TUESDAY!]

*Time*:       6:00 - 8:00 pm
*Venue*:     Function room, Naughton’s Parkville Hotel

*Address: *43 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052

*Phone:  * (03) 9347 2255

                http://parkvillehotel.com.au/  (menu available online)

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