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Bill Forshaw w.forshaw at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 00:27:54 EDT 2017

Hi RNLDers,

The Literature Production Centre in Wadeye, NT currently self-publishes
many Murrinhpatha children's books to support the Wadeye bilingual school
with bi-literacy instruction. All these books are currently printed,
trimmed, stapled and bound at the LPC in Wadeye. These books are created
using Adobe InDesign.

We are currently considering outsourcing some of our production in order to
increase the numbers of books we can make available in the community as
well as to hopefully produce more durable materials. A quick google shows
that there are a large number of companies who will do short runs of books.
It would be great to hear about companies people have used to do this sort
of production. What are the ins and outs and what is the cost? We would be
looking to develop an ongoing relationship with a printer to continue to
meet the schools needs into the future.


Bill Forshaw
OLSH Thamarrurr Catholic College, Wadeye
PMB 144
Winnellie 0822
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