[RNLD] Untranslatable words

Steven Bird stevenbird1 at gmail.com
Wed May 3 06:25:16 EDT 2017

There's great popular interest in words, and dozens of websites that list
"untranslatable words" followed immediately by translations.

I see this as an opportunity to attract public attention to smaller
languages, so I've set up untranslatable.org.

The idea is to catch attention using a strange looking word and an even
stranger translation, accepting people's credulity and general appetite for
the exotic. This is the hook.

Then the idea is to give a small linguistic detail in a maximally
accessible way that highlights something of deeper interest, beyond the
mundane fact that languages make different choices in what to lexicalise.

Please take a look at the site. If you've come across an intriguing word
that you think might be suitable, please pitch it here:

-Steven Bird
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