[RNLD] Annual training workshop for language documentation tools

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Sorry, the date is wrong in the last message. The training day is on March 26th.

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Subject: [RNLD] Annual training workshop for language documentation tools

We will be running a training day on March 14th at the University of Melbourne. There is no cost to attend.

This workshop aims to introduce concepts in language data management, in particular for language documentation projects. It will present two popular current tools, one for transcription of media (Elan) and the other for annotation of text and for lexicon building (FLEx). We will also introduce our new tool, Digame, for collection management (https://go.coedl.net/digame).

9am - 10 am Linguistic data management (Nick Thieberger)
10.30 -12.30 Elan intro and practicum (Nick Thieberger)
1.30-3.30 FLEx intro and practicum (Rosey Billington)

Please register here by March 22nd if you want to attend: https://go.coedl.net/LDocTraining2020

Please feel free to please distribute to distribute to interested people.

This workshop is supported by the Research Unit for Indigenous Language and the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.

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