Interrogative Indefinites in Siouan

R. Rankin r.rankin at
Thu Oct 19 00:33:15 UTC 2000

> Incidentally, this reminds me to remind folks working on Omaha-Ponca to
> look for a contrast of iNdadaN and edadaN...  I've heard both iNdadaN and edadaN
> (and also, I think, iNbe' as well as ebe' (but not e'be?) for "who").  But I'm
> afraid I always wrote iNdadaN and ebe when transcribing...

dadaN, iNdadaN and edadaN are certainly all distinct in JOD 1890.  After a long
conversation with DNS Bhat here at the Typology Centre about interrogative and
indefinite pronouns, I set about trying to make a comprehensive list for the various
Dhegiha languages.  It got sidetracked pretty quickly, but it would be worth doing
in order to sort all these problems out.  I gladly will it to whoever wants it.  :-)


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