Interrogative Indefinites in Siouan

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Good question, I'm curious about that myself.  I thought takuni was
'nothing' as opposed to 'anything'.  Comments on that would be
appreciated.  Perhaps though, they mean much the same thing.

In fact takuni is 'nothing', takunl spelt thus but pronounced takun is


>         I have seen tohanhci for 'ever' as in tohanhci ekta yai he
>'have you ever been there?' and tokiyetu cha for 'anywhere' as in
>tokiyetu ca he wanlaka he 'have you seen him anywhere?', but they
>seem to be rarely used.

Where have you seen this?  I could really use some more data on this topic,
taohanhci is from a textbook called Lakota Wounspe wowapi from
Pine Ridge.  Tokiyetu ca is from a previous consultant so it is 'field

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