Interrogative Indefinites in Siouan

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Thu Oct 19 14:37:16 UTC 2000

I'll jump in on a side note, have you gotten takuni as 'nothing' without
the negative sni. Doesn't takun/takunl vary between southern Lakota and
Northern Lakota as well?


On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Bruce Ingham wrote:

> In reply to Shanon West's questions
> Good question, I'm curious about that myself.  I thought takuni was
> 'nothing' as opposed to 'anything'.  Comments on that would be
> appreciated.  Perhaps though, they mean much the same thing.
> In fact takuni is 'nothing', takunl spelt thus but pronounced takun is
> 'anything'
> >
> >         I have seen tohanhci for 'ever' as in tohanhci ekta yai he
> >'have you ever been there?' and tokiyetu cha for 'anywhere' as in
> >tokiyetu ca he wanlaka he 'have you seen him anywhere?', but they
> >seem to be rarely used.
> Where have you seen this?  I could really use some more data on this topic,
> myself.
> taohanhci is from a textbook called Lakota Wounspe wowapi from
> Pine Ridge.  Tokiyetu ca is from a previous consultant so it is 'field
> notes'
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