"Alfred W. Tüting" ti at
Wed Nov 17 18:48:34 UTC 2004

For what it's worth, here's maybe a trace for further research:

"Wolf’s Friend, or Mooleshawskek, appears to have been of a crafty
disposition and fond of display, though a chief of great influence. From
the appearance of his Indian name, the writer leans to the view that
this chief was not a native Chickasaw, but an adopted member of the
tribe. Considerable light is thrown upon his character by Captain
Guion’s letter to the Secretary of war, dated “Fort Adams, Chickasaw
Bluff, October 22, 1797,” as given in Claiborne’s Mississippi, 185-6."

... though the writer - apparently familiar with the source cited -
doesn't know for sure, either. :(


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