Lakota vocabulary question

Bruce Ingham bi1 at
Thu Nov 18 19:28:48 UTC 2004

On 12/11/04 11:01 pm, "ROOD DAVID S" <rood at spot.Colorado.EDU> wrote:

> I have an inquiry about a word which was reported to me as "walansila"
> meaning "compassionate".  I can't find it, but Bruce's dictionary has
> "wa'uNs^ila" for English 'compassionate'.  Can anyone clarify the possible
> differences in the two words, or verify that one is correct and the other
> not, and offer any examples of context in which it might be used?
> Thanks.
> David
> David S. Rood
> Dept. of Linguistics
> Univ. of Colorado
> 295 UCB
> Boulder, CO 80309-0295
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Walansila looks like a mistake to me.  I can't think of anything near it.
It could be a misquote for wauns^ila as you suggest

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