PDF embedded fonts.

R. Rankin rankin at ku.edu
Sat Nov 20 02:50:50 UTC 2004

Hi Corey,

Can't remember exactly what I sent or was supposed to send, but here is an
improved copy of the Ablaut paper.  I tried reading it on my wife's computer
which lacks any Siouan fonts and it looks like they embedded OK this time.
Adobe Acrobat is really pretty lame at getting these things right.  It's
probably great for straight English prose, but phonetic symbols make it choke.

I was in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago and noticed you were giving a paper on
Romanian at the provincial meeting in Banff.  I used to do Romanian back in the
early '70's when i was a Balkanist.  What was your paper about?



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> Hi all,
>    I had a bear of a time making your PDF file come out right Bob, but
> eventually I made it work.  The first copy I printed out had a lot of fonts
> wrong, and I only figured that out because I happened to be familiar with
> the words in question.  I went back to the computer and eventually made it
> better, but I'm still not 100% certain that I have all the right characters
> in my copy.  If you could provide it as a word document and provide us with
> the fonts, that might work better...
>    I'm sorry to hear that your house was broken into and I hope nothing too
> valuable was lost.
> Corey Telfer
> University of Calgary
> "R. Rankin" <rankin at ku.edu> said:
> > Yes, ideally and theoretically the necessary fonts are embedded within .pdf
> > documents.  However, I have found that this is unfortunately not always the
> > case.  Any number of times I have tried to make .pdf files of certain
> documents,
> > especially using the IroquoianABC font which includes a lot of overstrike
> > characters, and found that the resultant .pdf file did not reproduce the
> fonts
> > properly.  It has also often been the case that material in columns gets
> shifted
> > around.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  Nor do I know if there is a
> > difference between the outcomes using "distiller" and "pdf writer" choices.
> > I'll give it my best shot though.
> >
> > This is going to take a few days since my home was burglarized Monday and
> I'm
> > having to deal with a lot of unexpected paperwork.  Late next week
> probably.
> >
> > Bob
> >
> >
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