PDF embedded fonts.

R. Rankin rankin at ku.edu
Sat Nov 20 15:11:23 UTC 2004

This was supposed to go to Corey, not the list.  Sorry to bother you guys with
it.  I didn't think the list took attachments though, and it seems to have
gotten thru.            Bob

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> Hi Corey,
> Can't remember exactly what I sent or was supposed to send, but here is an
> improved copy of the Ablaut paper.  I tried reading it on my wife's computer
> which lacks any Siouan fonts and it looks like they embedded OK this time.
> Adobe Acrobat is really pretty lame at getting these things right.  It's
> probably great for straight English prose, but phonetic symbols make it choke.

> I was in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago and noticed you were giving a paper on
> Romanian at the provincial meeting in Banff.  I used to do Romanian back in
> early '70's when i was a Balkanist.  What was your paper about?
> Best,
> Bob

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