Adobe Acrobat and Siouan fonts. Macintosh

"Alfred W. Tüting" ti at
Sat Nov 20 18:50:33 UTC 2004

 >The problem with embedding fonts may be the result of the .pdf file
creator you are using. There is a free program for creating .pdf files
that I have been using that embeds IroquoianABC fonts quite nicely. I
have been using it for exchanging files with a number of people. The
program is called PdfCreator and is available as a free download from or from The only
restriction is that the receiver of the file must have Acrobat 5.0 or
higher (i.e one of the more recent editions) to read the file.<<

Whereas the 1st URL is talking of 'window'-applications (only?), the 2nd
one is giving hope to MacOS users!  See the German version and its TV
report (=Kurztest)

telling that it'd be still easier with Mac providing the possibility to
generate the PDF-file directly from the operating system i.e. without
the need for any add-on program.


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