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Sun Nov 21 03:37:29 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to resolve whether the Taneks (Biloxi) and Ofo words for 'bird', kudeska and teska, respectively, are cognate with other Siouan words for the same.  The only other Siouan languages I have data on right now are Hiraca cakaka and Hocak waniNk.  I don't currently know what the Dakota/Lakhota or other Siouan language words are.  Anyone care to enlighten me?

Just from what I have so far, it looks like the Biloxi (B) and Ofo (O) words are definitely cognate, but I'm not so sure they're cognate with Hiraca and Hocak.  Also, the B and O words appear possibly cognate with Cherokee tsiskwa.  (I'd welcome any info from the Iroquoianists on 'bird' from the northern Iroquoian languages to check if this is indeed Iroquoian, or a Cherokee renegade word possibly cognate with B and O perhaps through borrowing.)  Any info, thoughts, or comments are greatly appreciated!  Thanks.  (BTW--Checked with Pam Munro on Muskogean.  She specifically cited Chickasaw foshi' for bird, which is apparently similar to other Muskogean languages as well, so there doesn't appear to be any Muskogean influence on B and O in this case.)


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