Koontz John E John.Koontz at
Mon Nov 22 19:59:29 UTC 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, David Kaufman wrote:
> Is it not possible, however, that Koasati, Ofo, and Biloxi borrowed this
> term from Iroquoian Cherokee?  Otherwise, where did K, O and B get their
> words, which don't match other Siouan or Muskogean terms?  Borrowing
> would be especially understandable (I think) between Cherokee, Koasati,
> and Ofo which were geographically fairly close, although I'm not sure
> why Biloxi would have gotten it when it didn't affect any of the
> Muskogean languages down south in that region, and Biloxi is farther
> from Cherokee than the others.

Biloxi may have moved further south in the 1600s, from an earlier position
closer to the Ohio.  Conceivably its areal influences antedate (or at
least began before) it's more southerly location.  The same applies to

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