Alan H. Hartley ahartley at
Tue Nov 23 15:46:28 UTC 2004

> And I always thought Cardinals said "Gwitsi, gwitsi, gwitsi" . .

Cf. Ojibway gijigijiga:neshi:N [j affricate, sh fricative] 'chickadee.'
I suppose it's onomatopoeic, though it doesn't sound much like
"chickadee-dee-dee," which is a very good likeness.

(I should note that the Ojibway words I've cited are Southwestern
dialect from Nichols & Nyholm _Concise Dict. of Minnesota Ojibwe_.)

And Oj. gwi:ngwi:shi: [vowel-length uncertain] 'Canada (gray) jay,
whiskeyjack' (inferred from gwingwishi 'a kind of small magpie' in
Baraga _Dict. Otchipwe Lang._, Southwestern dial.) Gwi:ngwi:sh is 'blue
jay' in Rhodes _Eastern Ojibwa_, which confirms my length guesses for
Baraga's first two vowels.)

Sorry--not Siouan.


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