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There seem to be Mandan and Biloxi cognates, but, as John says, there are
interesting irregularities.  *kyetaN seems to be composed of at least two and
perhaps more morphemes.  It represents a medium-sized hawk or falcon (Buteo).
There is another word for the largest hawk, tho', as I recall, it too has the
rare *ky cluster.  From my own point of view, ANY Siouan stem that begins with a
*kC cluster is liable to be historically bimorphemic.  K-clusters are inherently
suspicious in Siouan as there are so many different prefixes in K that tend to
lose vowels by syncope and form clusters.

We don't seem to have Crow or Hidatsa cognates for the 'hawk' sets, so
proto-Siouan could be questioned, but the Biloxi and Mandan forms make it very
old, however far back that takes us.  Crow and Hidatsa are probably worth
another search.


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> Can *kyetaN be reconstructed all the way back to Proto-Siouan, or only
> Proto-Mississippi Valley?
> David
>> On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, Michael Mccafferty wrote:
>>> Dave Costa has pointed out that its PA */kenliwa/ and Fox /ketiwa/.
>> So we're comparing something like
>> Fox      ke tiwa
>> P(MV?)S *kyetaN
>> or
>> PA      *kenliwa
>> P(MV?)S *kyetaN
>> That's a little more different than usual.  The Siouan set is slightly
>> irregular, in that Dakota varies a bit in whether it exhibits Cc^ or c^h
>> for *Cy.  For example, Da (wi)kc^emna[N] : OP *gdheb(dh)aN 'ten', but Da
>> c^hetaH : OP gdhedaN 'hawk'.  In both cases initial *kye- is apparently
>> involved.  There are a certain number of these *Cy sets, however.  Two
>> others I recall offhand are *pyaphaNk- 'mosquito' and *e-p-ye 'I think'.
>> I seem to recall that there's another *ky in another 'bird' set.
>> Note, on 'ten':  OP has gdhebdhaN 'ten' in old word lists, but in Dorsey
>> and later there's only gdhebaN.

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