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I had always sort of thought that "heyoka" and "hethushka", "heyoshka", etc. were related terms somehow.  But I'm a "straight-leg" linguist more than an anthropologist, so I'm not very expert in such things.  I do remember that we have discussed this topic before on the List however, so it might pay to do a search of the Siouan List Archive on "linguist list".


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Yes, I understand what you say, and I have heard from Elders in the same
However, my question is not about them nor what they do, just the origin of
the word and if there was anything similar with other Siouan groups.  I have
not heard of their existance on the southern plains.  On the other hand, I
have heard individuals (not Lakota) to state that they have either had
similar experiences or at least, they think they do.

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> On 15 Mar 2006, goodtracks at peoplepc.com wrote:
>> Does anyone know the derivation of Heyoka (traditional Thunder =
>> Contraries), and is there any documentation that suggest that they were =
>> an institution among other Siouan groups?  If not, were they a loan from
>> =
>> the Cheyenne and related tribes?
> Are you asking about the word itself or what a Heyoka is?  This really is
> one
> of those subjects that I would highly recommend visiting with an elder or
> Lakota person who has knowledge of these people and what it is they do.  I
> have been told some very intersting stories about Heyokas that are not
> written down.  I think you too will get some information that you would
> never
> find documented, especially if you give tobacco or something along those
> lines.  Just my two cents.
> -Cantemaza de miye do.

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