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Fri Mar 17 18:35:30 UTC 2006

An additional comment from Ives Goddard:

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I'm note sure where this thread begins, but if the idea is to connect
Lakota [heyoka] to the Cheyenne word it becomes somewhat easier (though
still not obvious) if the preform that would have had *hy instead of /hn/
is compared.  Chey. /hn/ is always from an earlier *hy (see my paper in
the Haas volume) which is the regular treatment of PA *hw, (h)sw, hthw,
and a few more exotic clusters, but none of this leads to an obvious
etymology, that I can see.  Probably Chey. /ka/ points to this being a
loanword anyway, since there is no possible PA source for this sequence.
The added /h/ before /k/ would be the normal Cheyenne treatment of an
intervocalic voiceless stop.


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