Siouan Caddoan conference dates query

shokooh Ingham shokoohbanou at
Sun Mar 19 19:14:46 UTC 2006

Dear all,
Sorry if I seem to be being uncharacteristically
persistant about this, but have we got a definite date
yet for the Siouan Caddoan conference this year.  The
reason i ask is that I have to arrange a flight from
Maryland to Montana.  I will be in Maryland from June
8th to June 11th and would like to come to Montana on
the 11th or 12th on the assumption that the conference
will be in Billings from June 16th to 18th and that I
and my remaining family can explore Montana in the
preceding week.  The other fortunate complication is
that the University of Maryland is paying my air fare
so I want to be as accomodating as possible by giving
them the dates quickly.  Hope someone, probably Randy,
can help

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