SACC2009 dictionary roundtable

ROOD DAVID S David.Rood at Colorado.EDU
Wed Apr 23 15:04:04 UTC 2008

Hi, everyone,
 	I want to alert you to the imminent publication of THE NEW LAKOTA 
DICTIONARY.  It's at the publishers now, and should be ready for 
distribution some time in July.  Description and sample pages are at That should provide some material for the round 
table to examine.
 	Sadly, I also need to announce that I'm going to be absent from 
the meeting again this year.  My wife has scheduled herself a trip to 
Europe for that week (to visit our daughter, who's working for the German 
government in Berlin), and as you all know by now, we have to have one 
person at home at all times.  However, I've been working hard on a very 
complex Wichita phonology/morphology problem for the past few months, and 
maybe I'll have something to tell you about that next year.
 	I miss the SACC meetings very much, and wish you all a good time.
 	Best wishes to all,

David S. Rood
Dept. of Linguistics
Univ. of Colorado
295 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0295
rood at

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