SACC2009 dictionary roundtable

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Catherine, I'd like to present something on the Crow dictionary project.


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Bob - I'd love a copy.  

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2)  I've recently retranscribed the 1890 Dorsey Omaha and Ponca text
collection from the Univ. of Colorado Siouan Archives (where it was a
DOS [ascii] file).  It is now in a Microsoft Word file using the Gentium
Unicode font and standard Dhegihanist phonological notation.  This could
easily be converted into the spellings that are taught in the Omaha and
Ponca language programs.  I have also corrected some of Dorsey's many
mistakes.  I would be happy to provide a copy of this file to anyone who
wants it.  It is not perfect as some of Dorsey's original mistakes
remain uncorrected.  These will have to be patched up by someone who
knows the language.

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