Frida Hahn

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Tue Apr 29 16:02:00 UTC 2008

Tom, Bob, Willem,

Thanks for your perspectives.  That clarifies the issue a lot.

I suppose "our" Frida's family might have been Volga German and still be 
Jewish, but it would be hard to connect the Lincoln Frida with a linguist 
from Germany who was later recalled to Germany.  On the other hand, as 
Willem points out, either the Lincoln Frida or a German Frieda might have 
gone to Germany voluntarily in the late 1930s to visit family or for other 
reasons, even if she was Jewish.  And again, Jewish or not, she might have 
died in the war for any number of reasons, not necessarily in a German 
concentration camp.

The possible connection with Code Talkers that Tom brings up is 
fascinating.  It would certainly be wonderful to find documentation of 
that in German archives.

If Frida was a student of Franz Boas, wouldn't there be academic records 
somewhere that would tell where she was from?

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