Parrish Williams

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And a truly wonderful human being.  
I count it one of the privileges of my life to have met Parrish and been a guest in his tipi.  
One of our Iowa elders, Arthur Lightfoot had an adoptive relation to Parrish's late wife, so that was the context for initially meeting him.  He and Grampa Truman Dailey (Otoe-Missouria) were called upon to fly to Portland (?) to testify for Sen. Inouwe's committee on religious freedom after the Smith vs. Oregon case, and both of these elder roadman's testimonies appear in the wonderful Kifaru Production documentary Peyote Road.  He was also featured in  Alice Anderton's "Word Path" program, which was such a wonderful episode I often use it in my classes.  

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Kathy Shea sends the sad news that Parrish Williams has died.  He was a fluent Ponca speaker, a tribal elder and an important figure in the Native American Church.

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