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Aloha Dan,
I am glad you stumbled onto this.
I was unaware that the SiouanList is not easily 'findable'.
I will talk to the UNL List Serve folks (not their #$% machine) and ask how this can be rectified.

We are my no means exclusive.

We welcome list members working in any of the Siouan (and Caddoan) languages as students, researchers, linguists, instructors, native community members.

I will add your email address to the SiouanList.

We look forward to hear about your language interests and questions.

Mark Awakuni-Swetland
UNL SiouanList NudoNhoNga

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  I had assumed that there was a similar reason for not being able to find "siouan" on the UNL list site.  It is confusing to not find it in the publicly listed lists and, instead, find it via "Access Unlisted Archives", it creates the impression that it is a concealed list -- or at least exclusive -- and, if so, there must be a good reason for this.  Is there a subscription fee?  I thought I was just compying with whatever reason you may have had for not having listed the group openly.
 Sorry if I inadvertantly wandered into an area that I thought was open to all.
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Aloha Danny Packard,
As the new SiouanList manager, the UNL List Server sent me an automated notice that you were requesting to be added to the SiouanList.

The automated message noted that you had selected the "concealed" option…. which I am unfamiliar with.

Let me know if this is the case.

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“TTenìxa uqpàthe ègon”, à winìsi akhà.

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