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I could not agree more with Bob.  Let’s stick with the list so all of us older folks know ONE central location.  If younger folks want to spread and disseminate their stuff elsewhere, that is their choice.  That is the original idea of the list – a common place that all may come, knowing it is the base of the SCL.  Links to other places have usually been supplied for further research.   

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I study Tutelo and don't do facebook, so would be good to post Tutelo stuff from that here.


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  Don't sweat the small stuff.  I'm just eager to make sure we don't spread ourselves out over more than one forum.  My linguistics is already splattered out over too many web sites, listserves, etc., etc.  I've avoided joining Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Researchgate and all the rest.  They ask for personal information that I've been reluctant to get into.  I don't suppose I have any business complaining, since I'm probably the only Siouanist other than Catherine with files in Moscow, Washington, Bucharest, Budapest, Belgrade and probably others dating from my work back in the '60s.  I just can't keep track of as much as I used to be able to; 16 Siouan languages is a gracious plenty, thank you very much.



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  I'm not sure what Q & A you're talking about, but I have been corresponding a bit with members of the Tutelo-Saponi group who have a page on Facebook and are not on the Siouan List (and most of them probably would not feel comfortable being part of an academic list).  I have been responding to their questions about the Tutelo language (which is similar to Biloxi).  Other than this, I may have mentioned a few things regarding Kaw to Justin, whom I'm friends with on Facebook.  I have not been intentionally doing Q & A off the list in order not to involve other Siouanists - Facebook is a tool for communication and "friends" do tend to communicate back and forth on different topics, much of it not really appropriate for an academic list.


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    I understand that some of you guys are conducting Q & A about Kaw and/or other Siouan languages on Facebook.  Some of us are not on Facebook and therefore cannot access other peoples' Facebook pages.  Therefore I would greatly appreciate it if you could post your questions and comments on this list so we can all join in.  That is, after all, what it is for.



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