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Flavio Medina flaviomedina at YAHOO.COM
Tue Apr 23 10:55:06 UTC 2002

> I think it's saying "USA" because you're
> subscribed from an
> address that ends in ".com".  Can you get email
> addressed to
> <flaviomedina at yahoo.co.jp> or
> <flaviomedina at yahoo.com.br>?  If so, you can
> try unsubscribing your yahoo.com address and
> resubscribing from one of the
> other ones.

Hello Angus, Susane and all.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Changing to any
of those addresses imply in creating a new user,
losing everything I have in this one - in special an
address book with more than a 100 people and have to
re-upload many files to my briefcase. Also, there is
all the people that I wouldn't be able to communicate
about my email change, all the lists in which I'd have
to change my settings... No, not worth it.

Thanks for the help anyway!

Flavio (Thanks for calling me Rikki! ;)

PS: for the interested, yahoo.com and yahoo.co.jp are
not the same "system", "homepage" or whatever you want
to call it. They use different cookies, have different
options, services and settings. I myself have problems
in viewing and sending emails in Japanese in this
("american") account.

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