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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Apr 23 17:28:13 UTC 2002

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April 23, 2002

>Flavio wrote:
>I was looking into the report generated by a request
>to the system on the members list (how many, from
>which country), and I noticed that my name is under
>"USA". So I would like to correct it to "Japan" (or
>"Brazil"), if possible. How could I do it?

Hello Everyone!
What a shame that I am so busy lately - sorry for the silence. At
least I have fulfilled a few orders now...

Regarding List information...I have communicated a little with Flavio
privately. I thought he had read some kind of List information on
Yahoo?  But now he tells me that it is some kind of ListServe
information. I do not know of that kind of information and have never
seen it. The only command I know to get information about List
members is:

review sw-l by name

and if you send that command to the ListServe address:


it gives you a listing of everyone's email address, but it does not
say which country they come from...

So could someone tell me where you found this information? I wonder
what it says about me too! smile...

Meanwhile, all that matters is what you tell us personally about
yourself, Flavio - what the Listserve says is not as important as
your writing to us!

And keep those messages coming - I am looking forward to more
participation now!
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at


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