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April 23, 2002

Maria Azzopardi on Malta wrote:
>I'm afraid I don't know how to make 'screen captures' of signs in
>SignWriter DOS.  What I usually do is export a file to the Paint
>program as a bitmap....am I doing something wrong?

Hello Everyone, and Maria!
Thank you for this question. No, Maria, you are not doing anything
wrong by using the Export Command in SignWriter 4.4. I am happy it is
working for you!

However, if you experience any problems with exporting...(for
example, if a line of SignWriting is missing in the exported
file)...then screen captures are another way to do the same job. I
personally do screen captures more than exporting...but everyone
works differently...

How do you create a screen capture? Here are instructions:


1. Open the SignWriter 4.4 file you want to capture and scroll to the
exact screen in the document you want to capture....
2. Then press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. This gives you
a bmp file of the screen, which you can then open in a Paint program
and cut and change.
3. Or...if you press "Alt-Print Screen", that gives you just the
window you want to capture...

Here is how Jerry, a list member, explained the process:

Jerry Spillman wrote:
>I use a "screen shot", which is simply pressing the "print screen/SysRq"
>key, then I open a photo editor such as Microsoft Photo editor or Paint
>Shop and use Edit/paste to make a new file.  I then size, crop, invert
>to black on white, reduce to two colors, and save as a .gif file.



In System 9, press this key combination: "Shift-Command-3" for the
entire screen. Another command: "Shift-Command-4" gives you a way to
box any section of the screen, capturing exactly what you want in
different sections of the screen...

And System 10 has other methods - which I haven't learned yet!


Plus there is special software you can purchase to create Screen
Shots or captures. Anyone suggest some good shareware as well?

Val ;-)


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