Japanese SW Fingerspelling Fonts

Mark Penner penner at WORLD.CBI.ORG
Thu Apr 25 06:38:49 UTC 2002

Whoops! I was wrong. I just looked at the beautiful printed page of the
Japanese fingerspelling font by Michael that I have tucked away in my SW
textbook, and the change I was looking for has already been made. The "KI"
is correct.

As it turns out, it was the "ME" that we had wanted to change. It should be
like the Spanish "F", except that the index finger and thumb are touching
instead of crossed.

Sorry for the mixup.


> I saw something the other day in the Spanish SW book that gave me an idea
> of how the fingerspelling for "KI" could be improved, but it wasn't in the

Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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