About certification again...

Eugenio Gonz H_ ez effeta21 at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 29 20:28:35 UTC 2002

   Hello Val... God Bless you...
   About certification, I am in agreement with you, if you don ±²  know my
work here, you can trust about my skill in signwriting, it ±±  ok.
   I ±>  not demanding and demanding hurry up a certificate, I only ask about
"if may be possible", if it not be possible, no problem.
   You support to us so, so much with the free signwriting, and all people I
think share this opinion.
  About others certification internet programs... I know about someone about
catholic religion, The student send the personal full information, and send
the money cost to star the learning.
  By internet they send all the works they must to do in the week, when the
week finish, they send theirs works, and must wait to know about theirs
califications are good or bad.
  I think that you are rigth    you say that the internet came to change
all, all system to learn.
  I think that may be so, so GOOD, that you or the DAC develope a long
distance course about AMERICAN signwriting, and all of us must to pay it.
  I am sure that many teachers, fathers and mothers and all the people
inside the deaf world  interested in signwriting will be so happy if DAC
create it. Because you ±_ l be our virtual teacher and we ±_ l be sure that our
knowledge is run in the rigth way.
  In my case, all the work I ±>  doing here, I supposse they are rigth, but I
not so so SURE because I ±>  not an expert in signwriting. Understand me?.
  In the future, demand will grow up, and DAC must to help more more and
more than today... well, this is my opinion.
  I ±>  preparing copies of my work in salvadorean signwriting to send you to
the U.S. for your personal collections, but must be little patient because
it ±±  hard to me here.
   Today our signwriting is manual, but very soon we ±_ l have a computer to
download your program. And we ±° e thinking to create the salvadorean
signwriting committee to develope a better signwriting culture here.
   Well Val, sorry I extended this mail je, je....
   Thank you for all, and thanks to be ready always to help us...
   God Bless you.
   Eugenio Gonz H_ ez
   Centro Escolar Cat ¡_ ico de Sordos San Antonio de Padua
   Grupo EFFET A   Sordos Misioneros Cat ¡_ icos
   El Salvador, C.A.

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