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I presume your questions are directed to Valerie Sutton and not to the many
users of SignWriting.  I do not represent Valerie's organization; I am
simply one of the users, or more accurately, the director of a school
program in Nicaragua that uses SignWriting.  So, I will answer your
questions as they apply to us.

1.  What support is given to caregivers to learn Sign Writing?

If by "caregivers" you mean "parents", the answer is none.  We are too busy
running the school on a shoestring budget and do not have the funding or
energy to teach parents (who can't sign, anyway, and have minimal interest.)

2.  What support is given if the parents don't speak English?

3. At what age is Sign Writing introduced?

Immediately upon entry into the school system, regardless of age.  This
usually means around age 6, but we take in adults with little or no
educational background.

4. What percentage of the staff that use Sign Writing are Deaf /Hard of

5.  Is sign writing used in post secondary education, if so how prevalent is
Since I am only responding for one program, I will not address your question
of how prevalent SignWriting is on a national or global scale (but, I would
prefer to answer with "not enough" rather than " not much".)  As for our
curriculum in Bluefields, Nicaragua, I can respond that SignWriting is
integral to the curricula in the subjects of literature, signing, Spanish
and mathematics, and. to a lesser degree, history.

-- James Shepard-Kegl
Bluefields School for Deaf (Escuelita de Bluefields)
Thank you
-Robin Kuenning

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