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Hello Valerie, hello friends

Today the SignWriting mailing list suddenly stopped accepting
e-mails from me. I am trying again and if it didn't work
out, Valerie will forward them for me.

I am sorry!

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Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 13:37:27 +0200 (MEST)
From: Daniel Noelpp <d.noelpp at gmx.ch>
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Subject: Re: Unicode Discussion

> Hello Stuart, hello Ingvild
> IMHO polar coordinates is not so good an idea. Scaling is not
> complicated at all using x and y coordinates, and I just had
> a simple idea:
> "Position symbols" are special space symbols. They push the
> following symbol to the right and vertically. For overlapping
> symbols a "return to the origin" symbol (or something similar)
> is neccessary, of course.
> This is quite a simple idea and scaling works automatically
> this way because the spaces scale as every symbol does.
> So, why use polar coordinates, if x and y coordinates using
> space symbols scale without problems? Space symbols using
> polar coordinates don't work very well.
> Daniel
> Ingvild wrote:
>> The idea of using polar coordinates seems very good. The problem of
>> changing from today's x,y to polar is a simple mathematical one, and
> could
>> easlily be built into the present program if that is neccessary. The
> need
>> for up- and down-sizing could be welltaken care of by such a system, 
>> as
>> far as I understand (I'm no programmer, but do know mathematics)
> Stuart wrote:
>>> My initial planning prior to receiving your email is very similar to
> what
>>> you have described. Rather than (x,y) coordinates, I was considering
>>> using a polar coordinate system. [...]

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