Just noticed ... (followup to previous email)

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Mon Jul 14 19:36:43 UTC 2003

Thank you, you must be overwhelmed with work, so it is good that you think
ths will be fun.

BTW, the handshape as used in the sign ('who'?) is 'righthanded' as oposed
to the one listed underneath, which seems 'lefthanded'


>SignWriting List
>July 14, 2003
>Yes. That is right. There is a difference in meaning in this case. The
>thumb in this case is a little forward...but if it were an L hand with
>the thumb bent, the thumb line would be on the other side of the
>square...and there is a reason why that symbol is in SymbolBank -
>because it is used for a variety of signs...and when it  comes to the
>sign for WHO in ASL...there are people who vary the way the thumb
>is...some people do have the thumb a little forward...anyway...let me
>get a lesson together now, explaining all this properly...it will be
>fun!  Val ;-)
>On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 03:09 PM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>> I just noticed the ASL sign for "who" in the SW dictionary has the
>> first handshape that I mentioned in my recent email.  Orientation-wise
>> it is the same as L, but in the list of shadings, the thumb position
>> is different between the L and the "bent" L. I am not sure I
>> understand why the difference in the thumb placement between the L and
>> the bent L. See the diagram in the attachment.

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