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July 17, 2003

Dear SW List, Angus and those who speak Spanish!
Thank you for your efforts, to communicate with Juan, Angus...Your 
Spanish seemed pretty good to me! Or perhaps you are using a 
translation program like I do? No matter what, I believe it is clear 
that Juan is asking me for a donation of printed materials in Spanish, 
because he told me in several Spanish private messages, that he does 
not have the money to pay for the printing of the downloaded pages from 
the web - I believe he was able to download the files, but then he has 
to print them to give out to Deaf people who do not own computers...and 
that is where he is strapped for money...So I wrote to the Parkhursts 
and I got their permission to photocopy a chapter or two for him, and I 
will mail it to him...When I think of  Peru, I think of Deaf people in 
the Andes mountains, with llamas beside them, wearing beautiful 
colorful zarapes, using SignWriting - I wonder if Lima is really like 
that? smile...

Regarding the Susan from Peru who is on our web site, she did use 
SignWriting in earnest at one point, and she is Deaf. I lost contact 
with her now. And Julia Palmer, an American who lived in Peru for a 
decade, is now back home in Los Angeles helping her ailing 
I believe she left the Deaf people in Peru all of the materials on 
SignWriting, with hopes they would continue on their own...

Val ;-)


On Thursday, July 17, 2003, at 02:26 PM, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:

>       Here's a reply I got from Juan Ruben Jamanca in Peru.  My Spanish
> isn't great, but I'm guessing that he's Deaf and a native signer.  If I
> understand right, he approached the school listed on the SignWriting
> Literacy Project page, and they weren't very helpful.  It doesn't look
> like he actually contacted Susana Stiglich, though.
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>                                       Linguistics Department
>                                       University of New Mexico
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> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:43:13 -0500
> From: juan ruben jamanca camino <testigos_jehova at>
> To: "grvsmth at UNM.EDU" <grvsmth at UNM.EDU>
> Subject: hola como estas bien
> Hola como estas bien:
> Juan si sabe pero no tengo dinero copias mucho plata dinero falta 
> ingles
> dificil cambios palabra español ya vio, pero Tu ayudo tu papeles dar. 
> Juan
> se fui al colegio hablo directora juan ayudo papeles copias directora 
> dice
> para que juan dice ayudo a todos sordos, directora no quiero dar 
> papeles de
> enseñar.  juan dice porque no quiero juan dice carta mandar  de Valerie
> Sutton al colegio no importa juan dice piense pena porque sordos no 
> sabia de
> enseñar falta aprende desarrolla falta todos tontos si  pero juan 
> fuerte
> ayudo mas de enseñar de lenguaje aprendemos. Al colegio esta mal no 
> ayudo a
> todos sordos. juan dice por favor Tu mandar carta  Tu dar papeles
> Centro de Educacion Especial La Sagrada Familia
> Audicion y Lenguaje Magdelena del Mar, Lima, Peru ,ayudo porque 
> enseñar de
> sordos nada tontos si porque al colegio ayudo no enseñar a sordos
> amigos(as) dice nada ayudo palabra de lenguaje papel de enseñar si me 
> gustas
> a todos quiero pero al colegio no  ayudo nada porque valirie sutton 
> dar al
> colegio magdelena del mar  al colegio esta malos  porque no ayudo  juan
> jamanca piense como ayudo preparar  tu  ayudo todos sordos quiero se 
> puede
> tu dar papeles para que enseñal a sordomudos apoyar
> Por favor hacerlo llegar a esta dirección en Perú: JR. OLMEDO 352 INT. 
> 101
> LIMA 05 – LIMA – PERÚ a nombre de EUSEBIA LUNA ANTUNEZ, después de 
> enviarlo
> por favor enviarme un correo para saber cuando llega.
> Para cuando mandar tu carta por favor  no olvida para que  todos 
> sordos juan
> quiero ayudamos a todos sordos apoyar estados unidos
>    Juan jamanca camino
> Chauuuuuu mucho cuidado a ti esperamos a todos sordomudos
>                            atte
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