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July 19, 2003

On Friday, July 18, 2003, at 04:06 AM, Rebecca Larche Moreton wrote:
> do you know whether anybody is working on a teaching grammar of ASL,
> using SW in the same way one would use Arabic letters in a book or
> web-based course in Arabic for non-Arabic speakers? ....  once I get
> the hang of it, I should be able to read in SW any sign that I have
> learned to make, and then also I should be able to figure out from
> looking at the SW version of a sign, how to make it...

Hello Everyone, and Rebecca!
Thank you for your exuberant email messages...I am glad you are
enjoying the SW List ;-)

Has anyone on the List started to create a SignWriting book for
beginning signers who are learning ASL? I started one years ago, but
never finished it...It was based on the Signing Naturally videotape,
but it is a big job and I am not sure how many ASL teachers are ready
to write the language they teach...If I provided a SignWriting version
of the beginning Signing Naturally video series, do you think ASL
teachers would use it? I had permission to do this years ago...I would
have to re-establish that with the publishers...

Meanwhile Rebecca, I would strongly suggest that you go to this web
page, and download all 6 documents there...Those are grammar and
instruction documents, with ASL samples... Enjoy your lessons in ASL!

SignWriting PDF Library (documents 7-12)

Val ;-)
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