SW in Sign Language Studies, volume 3, no.4, Summer 2003, pp. 393-430

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Tue Jul 29 19:58:05 UTC 2003

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July 29, 2003

Hello Everyone, and Fernando!
Many congratulations on your new article in Sign Language Studies! Of 
course I would LOVE to see it. I have not seen it yet, however. I 
visited the web site called MUSE, which houses different journals 
online, and Sign Language Studies is one of them. They would not allow 
me to subscribe, to read the article, because they will not allow 
individuals to subscribe at this time...they are only for universities 
and groups...So I will contact the Sign Language Studies editors 
directly...Anyway, here is the listing for your new article, and 
congratulations once again!....

Capovilla, Fernando César.
Duduchi, Marcelo.
Raphael, Walkiria Duarte.
Luz, Renato D.
Rozados, Daniela.
Capovilla, Alessandra G. S.
Macedo, Elizeu C.
Brazilian Sign Language Lexicography and Technology: Dictionary, 
Digital Encyclopedia, Chereme-Based Sign Retrieval, and Quadriplegic 
Deaf Communication Systems
[Access article in HTML] [Access article in PDF]
Brazilian Sign Language -- Lexicography.
Brazilian Sign Language -- Dictionaries -- Polyglot.
The Brazilian Sign Language digital encyclopedia contains a databank  
of fifty-six hundred signs glossed in Portuguese and English, along  
with descriptions and illustrations of their sign form (sublexical 
structure)  and meaning (referent). The encyclopedia includes a 
sublexical- component indexing system and a menu-based sign-retrieval 
system.  These allow deaf users to locate specific signs based on five 
parameters,  their cheremes, and allochers: (1) hands: articulation 
(e.g., 1–9, A–Z), orientation, and relationships; (2) fingers: type  
and articulation; (3) place; (4) movement: type, frequency/intensity,  
hand, finger, and body; and (5) facial expression. By taking advantage  
of imagery and linguistic processes involved in mental-lexicon access,  
the sign-retrieval system takes sign language dictionaries beyond the  
traditional alphabetical indexing of glosses. Utilizing the extensive  
sign bank, an eye-blink, air-puff-operated communication and 
telecommunication  system allows deaf users with quadriplegia to select 
  automatically scanned animated signs, compose messages, and have  them 
printed and spoken with digitized speech in Portuguese and  English.


On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 12:33 PM, Fernando Capovilla wrote:

> Dear Valerie and dear SW friends,
> I am very glad to inform you that Gallaudet University Press has just 
> released a new issue of the outstanding Sign Language Studies (Volume 
> 3, number 4). On pages 393-430 you will find an article of ours 
> presenting research & development in Brazil (Dictionary, Encyclopedia, 
> Cheremic search system, & Multimedia SL-based communication system for 
> quadriplegic deaf), which includes, of course, the importance of 
> SignWriting in our work as scientist researchers, psychologists and 
> educators. I hope you enjoy.
> With my best regards. Warmly,
> Fernando Capovilla
> University of Sao Paulo
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