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Thank You Mohamed

I enjoy the signs for countries that you sent to me. Sorry for my delay to answer you. But I went out to vacations and I did not have acces to a computer. I just downloaded my e-mails. I will put these sign into my dictionary. Do you have the geographical sign for mayor areas of Arabia Saudi? I am preparing some signs for geographical places in Colombia, coming soon I will send it for the SW List.
Hector Devia
>>From Colombia

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  >From: Hector Devia 
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  >SW LIST: 
  >I would like to ask your help regarding the indigenous sings for: 
  >Cyprus, Malta, Syria, Jordan, Greace, Turkey, Leabanon, Israel, Gaza, Athens, Hebron and Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Etiopia. 
  >If you know some web pages where I can indegenous signs for pleces, I would apreciate it. If some of you someday need signs for places of Colombia, you can visit 
  >Of course if you have signs in SignWriting for contries and cities, geografical names, etc, I would like to get thouse, by means a dictionary or a .sgn document. 
  >Thank You Very Much. 
  >Hector Devia. 

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