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July 31, 2003

On July 9, 2003, Daniel Noelpp from Switzerland wrote:
> ....We had a lengthy discussion about how to write the Swiss German
> sign for storeys. It is the "Hinge No Thumb" (54) sign moving up with
> a jerk to the front for each storey. The difficulty was how to arrange
> the big arrow "Straight Wall Plane" (123) and the small arrows
> "Straight Floor Plane" (164) in a way not to confuse the readers...

Daniel, Siv, Penny and Everyone on the SW List -
I think this question fits our discussion on "How to write repeated
motion"?...Attached are a few signs from different signed languages,
meaning building or the floors of a building... Daniel and Siv...you
will need to post your attempt at writing the specific sign you wish to
write and then we can discuss it better....So I will continue with the
Repeated Motion lesson tomorrow....  Val ;-)

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