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Nana Dumitra nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT
Tue Nov 4 14:37:40 UTC 2003

Dear Valerie and SW List,

Thanks for the suggestions, it is not the problem with the paper format - I
have both Letter and A4, but it has the same problems with both. It is also
not a question of memory - I only did short files so far (I don't have any
long ones yet :)). The thing with PDF I still have to try...
The CDs have not arrived yet, but mail usually takes a long time to get here
(did you send the CDs air mail? Then it can be up to 3 months, surface mail
up to 6 months) - I am learning to be patient (at least more patient than I
was before moving here :))


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SignWriting List
November 2, 2003

Dear SW List and Nana!
Thank you for this question. By the way, Nana, did you receive your
SignBank CD in the mail?

Regarding printing from SignWriter DOS...It has never been perfect for
anyone. There are many kinds of printers today, and each one has
different settings. Since you say that you can print the other formats,
with no problem, this must mean that it is specific to Format 3.
Although I have no idea, let me ask a few questions...

1. In the Philippines, do you use A4 paper size as your standard, or do
you use US Letter size?
2. If you use A4, there is a chance, if you copied the US files and
made them your country code, that you are trying to print on A4 with US
paper software...there is a chance it throws off the formatting...
3. Perhaps Format 3 is taking too much memory for your printer? Read
the manual for your printer to see if you can increase memory. And you
can test this, but trying to print small SignWriter files with Format 3
to see if the smaller ones work, but the longer ones don't...then you
might guess that the longer files take more memory and you need more
memory for your printer...
4. If nothing works, then you could save the file as a Postscript file
and then convert it to a PDF and then the file formatting probably will
be there, but that is complicated and I think you should try the above
5. And last option...use one of the 6 other formats that already is not too serious...old DOS programs cannot be perfect,
since time has marched on, and we have printers today that didn't exist
when the software was developed...

Hope this helps, Nana!

Val ;-)


On Nov 2, 2003, at 2:19 AM, Nana Dumitra wrote:
> When printing SW from DOS I have a problem using print format 3 (all
> the other formats work beautifully, but our deaf people here would
> prefer format 3): When printing with format 3, there are two pages
> printed side by side, BUT on my pages only the first page comes out in
> SW and the second page is funny characters. I tried to change the
> interface because I thought that might be wrong, but that was not the
> problem. My question: Can you tell me what to do so that I can use
> format 3? Or is there a way to tell the computer to first print just
> one page and then print again just the second page? I am not very
> computer literate so please keep your explanations simple J - Thanks!
> Nana

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