SignWriting Report November 24, 2003

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Nov 24 19:30:08 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
November 24, 2003

Dear SW List Members...
I have been busy. Here is a report:

SignWriting Report November 24, 2003

1. I started teaching SignBank, thanks to excellent questions from Adam
and Stefan, and found that I needed to update the whole SignBank
Manual, since it was written in 2002, and is now out-of-date...

2. In the process of updating the SignBank Manual, I realized that I
had already added the last two chapters to the Lessons in SignWriting
textbook too, and that those 2 chapters needed to be added to the
current web pages, pdf files and databases...they are Chapter 14:
Punctuation and Chapter 15: Receptive.

3. In the process of updating the Lessons web pages, I finally
re-designed the SignWriting Web Site by throwing out Frames, and going
to "no frames"...for those who are not involved with web
design...frames is a technical term for one method of web design. When
I started designing web sites back in 1996, frames were considered the
best, but as time went by, more and more web designers realized that
there are problems with frames. I therefore have wanted to switch our
web site to "no frames" for a long time, only to find that because I
had over 1000 old web pages dependent on frames, the switching was not
easy at all...but I have accomplished it now for the SignWriting web
site...the SignBank site still has frames, but I hope to change that to
no frames soon...this was more time consuming than I expected, but I am
glad I finally made the is not perfect yet, but it is getting
better...I hope you will like my new design, that actually looks
similar to the old, but is really newly designed...

4. We now have a re-designed Lessons section on the web. I threw out
the very old old lessons web pages, and replaced it with the complete
Lessons in SignWriting textbook on the web...This includes all 15
chapters...I am now working on getting the new PDF file up on the
web...Then I will be ready to chat again..

Want to see the new Lessons web pages?

New Lessons in SignWriting Web Pages

Number 4 on that web page is not yet available, but should be by the
end of today...I will announce it when it is ready!

Been thinking of all of you and I hope everyone is happy and healthy!
My nephew Michael, was living here in California, going to school near
me, but yesterday he moved back to Florida, where he was raised. He was
sooo homesick! I know he will be happier in Florida, but I miss him;-)

Val ;-)

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