Stefan's beautiful illustrations are done with True Type Fonts...

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Wed Nov 26 15:20:36 UTC 2003

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November 26, 2003

On Nov 25, 2003, at 11:41 PM, Daniel Noelpp wrote:
> I wonder how you got the good quality graphics? Did you paint them
> with a painting program?

Dear SW List, and Daniel, Stefan -
No. Stefan developed his own True Type Fonts, using the Fontographer
program, made by Macromedia. So has Steve Parkhurst in Spain. And as
you know, so have we, with our Fingerspelling Fonts, done in
Fontographer by typographer Michael Everson. However, none of the True
Type fonts that have been developed so far, incorporate all the
thousands of small symbols needed to really type full SignWriting with
True there is much development ahead...essentially all the
symbols in SymbolBank (all 16,000 etc) will need to be done in True
Type, before we can have least that is what Michael
Everson tells me, who is one of the world's experts on Unicode for rare
languages...Attached is an example of some fingerspelling typed with
our True Type fonts. And by the way, Stefan's wonderful True Type fonts
oftentimes include one full sign in German Sign Language on one key,
rather than symbol by this true Stefan? or have I
misunderstood? matter how you did it, they look gorgeous!

Here is a sample of our Fingerspelling Fonts, which can be downloaded
freely on this web page:


Fingerspelling TrueType Fonts for 18 Countries
For Macintosh & Windows

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